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At Atlanta Spine & Sport, located in Alpharetta Georgia, we're not just looking at your spine but for problems between every muscle and joint.

Chiropractic Care may originate with the spine, but our approach to relieving your pain and improving your enjoyment of everyday life goes far beyond your back. The root of your discomfort may initiate from a source outside your spine and it is our role to help look past where the bell of pain is ringing to find the imbalances in your muscles and joints that may be the source of your pain.

We Take a BioMechanical Approach

By looking at the forces acting on the body and their effect on movement and posture, we can help restore balance and pain-free living. For patients with back pain, we often find the cause originating from another place in the body, such as the hip flexor. Treating and making adjustments to compensating muscles of the body, checking your overall posture or even evaluating your feet can help release pressure on the spine and bring relief.

Eliminating Your Pain

Do you suffer from chronic joint or muscle pain? Would you give anything to be pain-free in a matter of weeks? Then read on…
Chronic knee, hip, shoulder, etc. pain is typically caused by muscular SCAR TISSUE.
Unlike healthy muscle tissue, muscular scar tissue is INELASTIC, STIFF, and RIGID. It doesn’t stretch or extend freely when a joint or muscle is moved.
In fact, this scar tissue is usually the ROOT CAUSE of chronic pain.

Here's why...

When a body sustains an injury, specialized cells race to the damaged area and begin isolating and repairing the site.
Injured tissue cells have LOWER ELECTRICAL POTENTIAL and will convert from a positive to a negative charge. These negatively charged cells help the body quarantine the area, create scar tissue, and then repair the injury. Scar tissue typically dissipates after the injured area is healed, but sometimes it "clogs" the healthy muscle tissue and severely limits tendons from freely moving the nearby joints & muscles. The result is chronic pain.

ARP WAVE THERAPY™ eliminates muscular scar tissue AND your chronic joint or muscle pain.

How it works...

  • A mild electrical current is passed over the body using a small 3x2-inch stimulation pad.
  • When muscle scar tissue is encountered, the body feels a dramatic increase in sensation. This sensation identifies the TRUE injury site.
  • Once scar tissue is located, electrical stimulation pads are placed on the corresponding muscles.
  • The scar tissue is “flushed out” by slightly increasing the current while the affected muscles are actively worked using pre-determined exercises such as wall squats, overhead presses or stretches, etc.
This may sound similar to a TENS electrical stimulation unit, however, ARP WAVE THERAPY™ is much more powerful and effective.

ARP WAVE THERAPY™ stimulates and contracts the muscle 500 TIMES A SECOND and can completely eliminate joint or muscle pain in 10 consecutive sessions over two and a half weeks. The treatment is intense but the results are exceptional! People who have suffered from chronic pain for YEARS are healed and pain-free in a matter of weeks.

Atlanta Spine & Sport is the only Premier and most experienced ARP WAVE THERAPY™ location available in the state of Georgia.

Professional athletes use this therapy to recuperate from injuries; joint replacement patients use it to eliminate chronic pain; and others like you have FINALLY found relief from insistent, prolonged pain.

Dudley Hart

Professional Golfer


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Professional Hockey Player


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Professional Body Builder