Types of Injuries ARP Wave Heals Chiropractor Alpharetta & ARP Wave Therapy Atlanta

Are you sick and tired of living in pain?

  • Do you experience shoulder pain due to rotator cuff or labral problems?
  • Do you have chronic hip, back, or knee pain?
  • Do you suffer from painful tennis elbow or golfers elbow?
  • Are you considering Tommy John surgery?
  • Have you had MCL, ACL, or joint replacement surgery... but pain is still impacting your life?
Here's the good news: Most, if not all, of these conditions-whether minor and chronic or serious and debilitating-can be healed, with pain gone and range of motion and flexibility restored, through the groundbreaking ARP Wave Technology.

Some of the Types of Injuries ARP Therapy Heals:


Eric Boulton

Professional Hockey Player


Barry Smith

Pro Hockey Coach


Dudley Hart

Professional Golfer