Our Approach Chiropractor Alpharetta & ARP Wave Therapy Atlanta

We're not like other chiropractors.

Most chiropractors typically focus on the spine itself and the skeletal citizen. When a patient complains "my neck and back hurts" they look right to those points of complaint and areas of concern.

Our approach is different in that we'll do an assessment from a muscular/skeletal standpoint first. It's part of our biomechanical evaluation. Dr. Bongiovanni is looking at your posture and the way you stand, not just your spine. He will "square you up" and put you in a more anatomically neutral position to help uncover what ails you.

There are more than 200 bones in the body and depending upon what source you read, there are between 600-800 muscles in the human body. Dr. Bongiovanni brings more of the soft tissue component around the body into play when treating his patients noting that there is a 3:1 or 4:1 ratio of muscle to bone in the human body. He feels if you are not addressing the muscular component as well as the bone and structural component, you are leaving out a larger possible element in the kinetic chain.


Paul Terlecky

Competitive Body Builder


Dudley Hart

Professional Golfer


Jay McKee

Former Pro Hockey Player