Chronic Pain Relief

People who suffer from chronic pain after surviving an injury might consider chiropractic care among their recovery options. Whether you slipped and fell at home or had a car accident, let our Alpharetta chiropractor help you get your life back on track.

Piezo Wave

Experiencing neuropathy, tendonitis, or chronic inflammation? Consider getting Piezo Wave treatment to target the affected tissues and improve circulation in the painful areas. Experience this technological advancement from our Alpharetta chiropractic clinic!

Body Sculpting

Our chiropractic approach to body sculpting involves TruSculpt. This revolutionary, non-surgical treatment helps you personalize your body to meet your ideal image. At the same time, it penetrates beyond the skin down to your muscles to eliminate any unwanted fat. Discover our effective fat removal solution today!

ARP Wave Therapy

We have the tools and resources to perform ARP Wave therapy. This precise procedure is ideal for patients who experience chronic joint and muscular pain. We use this technology to identify the neurological roots of your pain and address them once we find relevant solutions. Recover faster with this revolutionary therapy treatment!

Custom Orthotics

Any problems with your feet will affect the rest of your body. After all, the feet carry the weight of everything above them — including your body weight and whatever you might be carrying. Our orthotics specialists can help rebalance your feet, assess any pain you experience, and tailor solutions that meet your needs. Let us help you solve your foot problems!

Cold Laser Therapy

Experience the heatless, non-invasive laser therapy from our Alpharetta chiropractor. With this procedure, we can target arthritic joints, lower back pain, and neck pain without physical injections. Our cold laser therapy directly helps with pain management and tissue regeneration through cell stimulation. Learn how this method can offer acupuncture benefits without needles!

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Recovering from surgery can be a long and difficult process. With our expert chiropractor in Alpharetta, we can help you speed up your recovery! Our experts are dedicated to your recovery, so we tailor our care plans according to your specific needs. With a personalized care plan, you can maximize your healing results. Begin a quick path to recovery with our chiropractic experts!

Corrective Exercises & Rehabilitation

Our Alpharetta chiropractor will assess your situation and develop special exercise routines to help correct your problem. You can rest assured that we design exercises you can easily and conveniently perform at home. After all, recovering from an injury or eliminating pain will be much more tolerable in a familiar environment where you can get comfortable. Let us craft a unique exercise routine for a successful rehabilitation!

Mechanical Traction

Relieve back, neck, and leg pain through this alternative, non-surgical method. Our mechanical traction involves stretching your muscles and spinal column gently as a form of decompression therapy. This therapy specifically targets your affected discs without the risks associated with surgery. You can count on our Alpharetta chiropractor to control the machines involved in this therapy to deliver satisfying chiropractic care. Experience the benefits of this advanced mechanical solution as you achieve long-term pain relief!

Myofascial Release

Increase your range of motion while relieving pain through our myofascial release service. This soft tissue therapy involves stretching and massaging your fascia, which is the connective tissue surrounding your muscles. This tissue experiences pain when it gets too tight because it pulls on your muscles and bones. Our professional myofascial release service experts can help you achieve long-term relief from similar muscle pains from sports injuries. Allow us to improve your overall performance by eliminating pain!