What to Expect

At your first visit, each patient is put through a series of different postures and motions to allow Dr. Bongiovanni to view which muscle groups may be firing or over firing (compensating/over-compensating).

If your complaints are of back, neck or shoulder pain, Dr. Bongiovanni will have you stand and square your feet to get you neutral then work his way up through your lower leg, knee-cap, thigh rotation, hip flexor and compare to with your shoulders. It’s a kinetic chain from the foot to the shoulder looking at your posture anatomically to get a baseline from neutral.

By aligning your posture, Dr. Bongiovanni can look to see how you are presenting. He is looking for aberrant motion, a deviation from the norm or natural state. Tendencies in posture stem from routine. They way we sit, stand, sleep and work all create a pattern that our bodies begin to hold as our new baseline, thus creating a muscle memory pattern the the body begins to think is ‘normal’.

If you feel pain in your neck or shoulder, the area of concern is not always the origination of problem. The bell is ringing here but the problem may be someplace else. Our objective is to find the source of the trouble that is going on in order to get you back to a contented state.

Depending on your individual situation, Dr. Bongiovanni may prescribe one of a number of different services to help resolve your problem. We don’t “cookbook” programs in an effort to channel patients into a set routine. Each patient receives their own individual diagnosis and prescription for resolving the symptoms by retraining, re-supporting and/or re-stabilizing their tissue.

After we have results, we may work with you on a preventative program which can be a combination of lifestyle and application of treatments in our office that help prevent reoccurrence.

As a patient, you’ll be pleased to find that our doctor is always accessible in person or by telephone to answer questions and address your concerns. After you first visit, you can expect a follow-up call from Dr. Bongiovanni to reiterate what was discussed in your appointment.

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