“Thank you for all the treatment and “torture”! I appreciate all that you have done to help me in my comeback!”

Aaron Barrett

Washington Nationals

“Dr. Bongiovanni, thank you for all of your great work and friendship in my journey back.”

Matt Capps

Washington Nationals

“When our third child was born my wife was in great need of chiropractic services and since she was going we decided to start treatments as a family. Our middle son had suffered with bad allergies and Dr. Bongiovanni’s treatments helped his situation. When we moved to Buffalo, Dr. Jason Bongiovanni became a big part of our family. After a few short visits, our boys would feel discomfort and tell us they needed to go see Dr. Bongiovanni for an adjustment. He made our boys aware of their bodies and as a hockey player that is one of the most important things he could have done for me. Over the years he has helped me recuperate from injuries and save me from a few as well. He has helped my wife with injuries to her back and our children were always excited to see him. For those of you who have children, you know a good doctor when your kids run to be treated first. Even though we have moved, every trip to Buffalo is also a visit to Dr. Bongiovanni.”

Daniel Briere, NHL All Star

Philadelphia Flyers

“Dr. Bongiovanni, Thanks for helping me get back on the ice and keeping me there!”

Eric Boulton

Atlanta Thrashers

“I have had the pleasure and benefit of being able to use Dr. Jason Bongiovanni as my primary chiropractor. It is truly because of his amazing work that I have been able to continue playing hockey at the highest level possible in the National Hockey League (NHL). I have had the benefit of having numerous options for which doctors to choose to keep my body in top working condition. Dr. Jason Bongiovanni is without question heads above the others in his field. Not only for his knowledge of the body, but also for his warm and charismatic personality. He has the gift of being able to brighten ones day on a regular basis. I use the opportunity to visit Dr. Bongiovanni as much as possible and I feel very fortunate to call him a great person and a friend!”

Jay McKee

Pittsburgh Penguins

“As A National Hockey League Referee I have to be on top of my game both mentally and physically at all times. Thanks to Dr. Jason Bongiovanni’s help and treatments for the past two seasons, I have been able to maintain my physical well-being; allowing me to officiate NHL games in the best physical condition I can possibly be. His treatments are very intense and I always feel much more loose with better agility after each session. I would highly recommend Dr. Jason Bongiovanni’s chiropractic service to anyone.”

Justin St. Pierre

Professional Hockey Referee

“While I worked with Dr. Jason Bongiovanni I was always at the top of my game. He was great to work with over the course of a very long season. I would recommend him to everybody who is looking to treated by the best!”

Chris Drury, NHL All Star

New York Rangers

“I have had the pleasure to work with Dr. Jason Bongiovanni on a professional level for 10 years. Jason is a person who is driven to improve himself in Chiropractic Medicine and provide the absolute best service to his patients. He will be sure to give his patients the best results in the shortest time to let them be back at work or on the playing field as fast as possible. Jason has helped me personally and my family to continue playing or coaching with no down periods. I would have Jason work with the Detroit Redwings with no hesitation as our Chiropractor if he was available to work in Detroit….Best of all, besides being the ultimate professional, he is a tremendous person.”

Barry Smith

Assistant Head Coach-Detroit Red Wings

“Dr. Jason Bongiovanni has helped me stay in great shape during the course of our racing season. His adjustments have helped me to get back on the track faster following an injury as well as help prevent them too. I feel stronger and looser that I ever did before.”

Jeffrey Hartrich

Oval Track Race Champion 2006

“To Jason, Thanks for being great friends to my wife & I. Looking forward to a great future.”

Roc Shabazz

IFBB Pro, 2010 Phoenix Pro Champion