What to Expect During an ARP Wave Treatment

With traditional therapies, the body’s own natural recuperation from injury is often delayed by swelling and resulting pain and immobility at the injury site. In order to heal properly, the body needs blood flow to the injured area, which is substantially restricted when swelling and immobility set in. ARP Wave Therapy, with its DC current electric stimulations and patented background waveform, substantially increases blood flow and patients immediately notice pain relief and improved range of motion with the very first treatment!

Sessions 1-4

After locating your injury’s origin, we push the muscle through eccentric contraction (lengthening) and identify movement that induces your chronic pain. We will use the ARP device (and active movement) to contract muscles at 500 times per second while driving blood flow to the injured area. During these initial sessions, we’ll break down scar tissue, activate the appropriate muscles for a specific movement, and transfer force away from the injury site.

  • Session 1: you should see a 25% reduction in pain and a noticeable increase in range of motion
  • Session 2: another 25% reduction in pain and additional increases in range of motion
  • Session 4: typically you will be PAIN FREE!

Over the first four intensive therapeutic sessions, you will be amazed to discover that swelling diminishes dramatically (or even disappears), mobility soars and pain disappears as your body propels itself into accelerated recovery. The difference you will feel after your first four sessions will be amazing!

Sessions 5-10

During Sessions 5 – 10 you are taken through the ARP Wave System’s proprietary protocols to break the neurological pattern that initially caused the injury. We reproduce the movement that caused the injury (running, jumping, twisting, etc…) while simultaneously re-training the muscles to neurologically respond and move in the proper way. After the 10th session, you are back to the activities you love.

You are pain free, injury free and stronger and more stable than you were before.